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  • Data Entry Made Easy

    • Simple to follow process.
    • Help organize client assets in one place.
    • Use easy to understand pie graphs to illustrate points.

  • Where Is Your Client's Red Line?

    • Help clients determine what their retirement may hold.
    • Provide recommendations to help alleviate the red line.
    • Pivot to find the correct solution for each client.
  • Colorful Graphs & Charts Generate Understanding

    • Help visual clients connect the dots.
    • Use colors to simplify complicated financial concepts.
    • Provide custom professional looking reports.
  • Illustrate Premature Death

    • Help clients determine the correct amount of insurance coverage needed.
    • Provide your client solutions to make coverage affordable.
    • Show and illustrate the many uses of life insurance.
  • Show the Devastating Effect of LTC Costs

    • Help clients prepare for the onset of necessary long term care.
    • Show how escalating costs can drain retirement funds in quick fashion.
    • Help clients determine the correct amount of insurance to counteract costs.
  • Can Your Client Handle a Market Downturn?

    • Illustrate historical periods and their effect on client retirement funds.
    • Help your clients determine a suitable level of risk.
    • Work with clients to move assets to create desired allocations.
  • Experience Our Exceptional Training & Support

    • Join our live training sessions daily to get acclimated quickly.
    • Participate in our team teaching approach.
    • Convenient Virtual Track training from your home or office.

Retirement Analyzer Features

In today's world, it's all about simplification and providing easy to understand solutions to help your clients analyze where they are and what they have to do to be successful. With that in mind the Retirement Analyzer software program has the following features.


Retirement Analyzer Pro Version

Designed specifically for the life insurance licensed producer. Show clients what their financial futures may hold, make recommendations to alleviate problems and use products to enhance retirement scenarios.

Retirement Analyzer Pro+ Version

Designed specifically for the registered advisor. Everything the Pro Version offers plus provide your clients with an asset allocation analysis, risk assessment and an S&P Market Comparison.

Training & Support

Software Training

Around the clock access too our pre-recorded training clips designed to help answer your questions and get you acclimated to the software quickly.

Virtual Track Training

12 information-packed hours of education presented over a 4 week period. Make no mistake about it, this is "roll your sleeves up appointment training" designed to help you increase closing ratios all from your home or office.

Success in 60 Coaching Calls

Live interactive support taking place on Fridays from 10 am - 11 am CST. Join our larger group discussion on issues that advisors face in the field today as we touch on best practices when it comes to building a successful business.

Power Hour

Live interactive support like no other. Join us Monday through Thursday each week
10 am - 11 am CST to get answers to your specific questions and take part in our discussions.

PowerLine Support

Call our PowerLine any business day from
8 am – 5 pm CST. We will spend the time with you to make sure you get the most from your software subscription.

Thomas Gold Talk

Designed to help you communicate and compare notes with fellow software users at any time. Ask a question, post a comment or simply like a response as we all work together to become better advisors.

Information & Presentations

News & Markets

Our way of keeping you up on world and financial news. Choose from a number of financial website links to check a stock, mutual fund or research a story of your choice.

Fact Packs

Important financial information at your fingertips when you need it most. Fact Packs are one pagers that provide financial data in an easy to understand format. Whether you are talking inflation, Social Security or taxation there is a Fact Pack in your locker that can help.

User Locker

Access to your very own user locker stocked full of valuable information to help make you efficient when it comes to fact gathering, analysis presentation, recommendations or product suggestions.

Seminar Package

Our seminar program is designed to be simple and to the point. We understand that you have 40-45 minutes to showcase your personality and wow your crowd. Branding using your company logo, colors and family pictures is included in the package.

Retirement Analyzer Process

The Retirement Analyzer software program can help you build your business and develop long term client relationships. Many users incorporate our proven three step sales process which includes the following:

  • Gathering facts to create a client’s current scenario or present circumstances.
  • Helping your client obtain balance or better their current scenario by incorporating your recommendations.
  • Enhancing balance with specific product suggestions.
  • Once you enhance balance, make sure the plan can weather the effects of premature death, a LTC facility stay or market correction.
  • Repeat this process from client to client as you build your business.
Retirement Analyzer Process

Retirement Analyzer Pricing

Before making a decision.. We offer a 14-day free trial to let you test drive the program. Join us and our team for a month of introductory webinars, interactive support, individual coaching and access to our proven repeatable sales process. We realize that selecting a software program to incorporate into your business is an important decision which takes time. We find that the 14-Day trial will go a long way in making your decision.

14-Day Free Trial

  • Price Free
  • Web Based Version
  • News & Markets
  • Thomas Gold Talk
  • User Locker
  • Software Training
  • Power Hour
  • Success in 60
  • PowerLine Support
  • Fact Packs
  • Virtual Track Training
  • Seminar Package
14-Day Free Trial

Group Subscription

  • Price Call for Pricing
  • Web Based Version
  • News & Markets
  • Thomas Gold Talk
  • User Locker
  • Software Training
  • Power Hour
  • Success in 60
  • PowerLine Support
  • Fact Packs
  • Virtual Track Training
  • Seminar Package
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Why retirement analyzer?

We understand the task you have in front of you, getting acclimated to a new software program and integrating it into your business. Let’s face it, change takes a commitment of time and effort and all of us here at Thomas Gold have been through it. Being advisors in the field today, we use the Retirement Analyzer with each and every one of our clients which helps us write effective software.

From day one, you will experience what it is like to be part of the Thomas Gold team as we help you get up and running as soon as possible. Whether you join our team from our 14 day trial, as an individual or part of a group subscription, we will do whatever we can to make sure you have the best possible user experience with the Retirement Analyzer program.

You will quickly come to realize that we go the extra step with regard to support. You will gain access to our Power Hour interactive training sessions from Monday through Thursday and our special Success in 60 Friday coaching call sessions, all designed to keep you on track.

If you want to supercharge your software acclimation process, we suggest our quarterly 4-week Virtual Track Training. After 4 weeks of this intense training, we find that you are ready to hit the ground running.

So there you have it, our differentiator. Refreshingly simple software and exceptionally good support. Getting you to a point where you feel comfortable in your appointments and able to answer any client questions with a couple of keystrokes.

Come and join our team as we do everything necessary to help you increase your closing ratios and become more successful.

Our Team

Founders of Thomas Gold Solutions

Brooke Thomas,Founder

Brooke is a graduate of the University of Idaho and resides in Arizona. Brooke began her career in the financial industry in 2005 where she quickly became a highly successful agent in the field earning over $150,000 of commission during her first year in the industry. Brooke began with Cravens & Associates in 2007 and has played a major role in the development of the Retirement Analyzer Software program. After the passing of her partner Chuck Cravens, she successfully guided the company until she teamed with partner Steve Goldstein to purchase Cravens & Associates and form Thomas Gold Solutions. Her experience as an agent helps in the development and creation of software solutions that are comprehensive yet easy to understand by agents and clients alike. Brooke brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TGS. Brooke is also one of the Founders of Dakota Wealth Solutions, an RIA, and has an increasing client base. She currently holds her 65 and Insurance Licenses.

Stephen Goldstein,Founder

Steve is a graduate of Drexel University and resides in New Jersey. He began his financial career in 1983, working on Wall Street for 22 years trading stock and index options in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Frankfurt, Germany. Steve was a Senior Partner at Liberty Capital Group through the late 90’s as well as an FMO Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing from 2008-2010. Steve has traveled the country conducting financial seminars in order to help clients better understand the retirement planning process. In 2010 Steve teamed with partner Brooke Thomas to purchase Cravens & Associates and form Thomas Gold Solutions. His experience as an advisor is an asset when creating software solutions that help users develop a repeatable sales process, increase production and become more successful. Steve is one of the Founders of Dakota Wealth Solutions, an RIA, and has an increasing client base. Steve holds his 6, 63, 65 and Insurance Licenses along with the CFP® and ChFC® designations.

Abagail Tompkins

Billing Specialist

Abigail was born and raised in Alaska, where she attended Matanuska-Susitna Community College. Abby gained her customer service experience working for a heath consortium and heads up our accounts and billing team here at Thomas Gold Solutions. You may hear from her when you change your billing platform, add a service or update a credit card number. Abby now located in Spokane, WA, loves working with people and numbers which makes her a great fit for us here at Thomas Gold.

Cheryl Kalish

 Vice President - Sales & Support

Cheryl grew up in New Jersey, but moved to Arizona in 2004 where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Before becoming part of the Thomas Gold team, Cheryl had a vast amount of experience working both in the financial world and with software companies. Her most recent employment was with McCormick Systems in Chandler, AZ, where she helped new software users to get up and running. This combination is what has made her a perfect fit for Thomas Gold. Cheryl focuses on working with the Retirement Analyzer Software users to help them jump start their acclimation process and to make sure that each and every user has the best possible user experience.

Danielle Goldstein

Software Specialist

Danielle is a graduate of Rutgers University and currently resides in Western Pennsylvania. Danielle works to support software users of all levels. Her role continues to grow as we expand the number of Retirement Analyzer users and you can catch her on the Thomas Gold Power Hour & Thomas Gold PowerLine each week, helping users get acclimated to the software. Danielle also heads up the planning and scheduling of all in person software training sessions and provides monthly user reports to our enterprise clients. Danielle holds her PA Insurance License.

Kelly Tompkins

Software Specialist

Kelly is a graduate of Stockton University. She was born and currently resides in New Jersey, with her husband and son. Before becoming part of our Thomas Gold team, Kelly gained knowledge working in the legal and financial fields and also has a decade of customer service experience. The previously mentioned attributes along with the energy that Kelly brings to our PowerLine support desk, makes her an important member of our TG staff. Kelly helps new users get acclimated quickly, so they get the most from Retirement Analyzer.


Chuck Carvens

Chuck Cravens
(1936 - 2008)

Chuck Cravens spent 30 years as a high level insurance producer, helping clients take the confusion out of retirement planning. Chuck was one of the first to recognize that use of a computer and a specialized software program would play an important role in the education of clients and the development of their financial plans. He began using a computer and software programs in 1978 in order to give clients a glimpse into their financial futures.

Chuck founded Cravens & Associates in 1985 with the idea of creating his own software program for financial advisors and agents, which would simplify the fact-finding and financial planning process. His dream was to develop a program that could help many and be understood by all. He took his 30 years of industry experience and used it to create a simplified yet detailed software program called the “Retirement Analyzer.” Chuck knew the importance of helping agents build their businesses while promoting client understanding and the RA does both. The RA is now being used across the nation by some of the most respected financial marketing organizations and individual advisors.

In keeping with Chuck’s dream, Thomas Gold Solutions continues to grow and prosper as we help marketing organizations, broker dealers, advisors and agents to increase business and become more successful.


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